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Our Story

When we imagine there are things that fill our hearts happily, make our faces smile. Sometimes love, sometimes a delicious meal with the family, sometimes a nice  conversation with friends, sometimes a new try something that has never been tried… For us, there is something at the top of this list: cake!

As a team  we are  happy to work together with years of experience  without losing the excitement of doing what we love, with  innovative and creative perspective and full of youth energy; we made our most happy dream come true and created the Gourmet Cake brand.

We combine the recipes from our heart with our 40 years of pastry experience in the sector to meet and exceed  customer’s expactation by appealing to their taste buds  and eye.

We are happy  and excited like the first day to deliver  our  gourmet products  to our tasteful customers through the leading brands of the sector. We are proud to get positive feedback from you and our dealers. Our commitment to clean and quality ingredients as well as quality and high standards  of oven, fridge and distribution vehicle  definitely set us apart from our key competitors. We take great pride in knowing where our ingredients come from!

We follow all the details of  processes in compliance with the legal regulations in order to ensure that all of our products are carefully planned to reach you under the most healthy conditions.

We are a family believing in the happiness and good memories of good tastes.

Enjoy our cakes!